Important Apparel

Here are some items you'll see the Double Rafter Crew sporting, and why: 

  • Muck Boots: Great warm and waterproof addition to your wardrobe. Has a heel for riding. Perfect for late August-Clean Up trips. 

  • Tall Cowboy Boots: Great heel for riding and knee length protection from thorny brush and trees.

  • Lace Up Boots: Ankle support and transitional comfort from riding to camp.

  • Slickers: Weatherproof protection from stormy, cold and rather unpredictable mountain weather.

  • Leather Gloves: Protect your hands from sun, dirt, rope burn and harsh elements. 

  • Long Sleeve Button Up: Comfort and protection from the sun. 

Camp Necessities

Whether for your camera or you, make sure you have what you need to be recharged each day. 

Combating Dehydration & Altitude Sickness

Our cow camps rest between 6,000-9,000+ feet above sea level. Working hard at high altitude means it's crucial to stay well hydrated. Check out these collapsible water bottles, great for traveling light and electrolyte tablets we highly recommend!

Personal Care

This Neutrogena Sunscreen stick is great because you don't need to use your dirty hands to apply it. And the Monkey Butt... You'll need it. Trust me.